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Get a professional website fast

Typical timeline: 2-6 weeks

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Unique Web Design

Whether you have an existing brand or starting from scratch, we'll make you pro and one of a kind online to stand above your competitors.

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No worry for security threats and updating plugins. We build websites using technology that is protected so that you don't have to constantly keep an eye on your website.

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Helpful Training

We provide personal customer training videos showing you how to update your website and also provide tutorials on productivity and being more creative with marketing.

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Optimized for Search

Great websites should be found when searching. Your site will be structured using best-practices of search engine optimization (SEO) including sitemap, page titles, URLs, descriptions and more.

Also included in every website build

  • Domain setup and connection
  • Branding implementation & custom web graphics
  • Optimized SEO, images, speed, mobile responsive
  • Custom video tutorials for you to be able to edit your website easily

Your Path to a website that works for you

Keep the web design process simple and enjoyable.

1. Provide what you can

Just follow our simple preparation checklist to gather the text, photos, and other materials we’ll need.

2. We build your website

After understanding your vision, we'll build your website to facilitate your needs and provide growth opportunities.

3. Launch your site

With a clear website for your audience, you’ll reinforce meaningful relationships and enjoy a profound confidence in front of new customers.

Website design faqs

Do you use templates to build websites?

Not at all! To stand above the competition, you need to be unique and not a follower. Each website I build is made made from scratch, meaning I begin my design process by understanding where you are today and where you want to be with your future website.

And just b

based on your needs and how your websites aligns with your business goals. I have developed a unique design process to create websites rapidly, and unlike design agencies with expensive overhead costs, Webodew is 100% remote and uses newer tools that remove a lot of the inefficiencies that older design agencies still use today.

What platform are your websites built on?

Webodew creates websites using Webflow or Squarespace. For the most part I use Webflow because of the flexible design controls and the ability to create very unique interactions for unique situations. Unique experiences that stand out, collecting emails, lead generators, and database creation are all possible with Webflow, which is why it is one of the fastest growing web site platform in the USA.

Occasionally, a client will request a Squarespace site because of having previous experience with the platform. This is not a problem as I know Squarespace very well. Webodew is part of the Squarespace Circle, a program supporting web developers that have built several Squarespace sites.

Can I get my website cheaper elsewhere?

Always. Even the first website I built for a client in 2007, I did it for FREE in my attempt to build a portfolio of website examples.  There will always be cheaper options, but as we know with anything, cheaper doesn't automatically create a cost-winning scenario. Costs are typically related to experience, implementing proper web design hierarchy and structure, and leading the projects rather than waiting for orders. Webodew was created "to do" the heavy lifting of web design for you, so you can focus on the other parts of your business growth.

Do you build websites using Wordpress?

No. Not any more. Although I built tons of WordPress websites in the past, I decided to stop creating new WordPress website since 2019. Developers have their personal opinions, but I took this decision because it felt like best for the business clients I serve. There are many advantages to the Webflow and Squarespace platforms I use including security, fast-loading, GDPR compliance, and being able to design and develop faster to ultimate reduce costs for myself and clients. But the number one issue I stopped WordPress development was to not have to update website plugins anymore! I hated this as it felt silly that so much effort was needed just to keep a website working as expected. And so I dropped it and haven't had a complaint since. If curious, the Webodew website was built using Webflow, which is one of the fast-growing website tools and being used by companies such as Facebook, Dell and Zendesk.

How long will take to create our website?

Typically 2-6 weeks to launch a new website based on previous experience. The biggest bottle neck we've seen with projects is having to wait patiently for customers to provide the copy (the text) and images required for the project. And so due to this we have started developing copy for our clients or at least helping to jumpstart the writing process. But once we have the correct copy and images, the web design and develop is fast.

What I can expect on our first call (the Free Consultation)?

The aim is simply to get an idea of how I can support your business growth and for you to get a feeling of me. I love learning about business problems and finding solutions. And so  just want to understand what you're needing and offering some insights to consider. We'll ask each other questions, hopefully enjoy a laugh and then I'll be able to follow up with a game plan (proposal) on how we can support your business.