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A Website to fight for a better world

Healthy people, healthy planet. This company is fighting for a better world by establishing sustainable business practices.

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management consulting and non profit web design mockup by Webodew


The Purpose Factory - management consulting firm - needed a launch website that captures their aim to build a better world. Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, The Purpose Factory is finding goals to develop sustainable business models and practices that will produce both healthy communities and healthy profit. Paul, COO of TFP brought me into the project as the web designer that could deliver a high quality website in regard to their brand identity and lead the content team to producing a strong website content.

It was my job to help them:

  • Brand identity support for website
  • Set up entire new website with custom designs
  • Hit fast deadline for press release launch
  • Guide copywriter to creating website content
  • Showcase partners


The website showcases the essence of TFP and demonstrates their various business models and high-level partners.

Their website consisted of:

  • Getting the copy to speak more about the target audience as opposed to the company itself
  • Developed a modern visual feel that would immediately resonate within the Telco industry
  • Apply Webflow SEO Setup to help them gain visibility in search engines
  • Provide training on how they can update the site as they move ahead


It’s early days, but the feedback from TFP’s website is very positive among media outlets and personal contacts. Also, several press articles are already published about TPF.

Paul Roedig, COO at The Purpose Factory
“We have a perfect partner for our digital and website needs.”

We hired Webodew to launch our company’s online brand. We started with a manifesto and needed to capture our company online. Mike’s ability to be creative and flexible made our website launch a success and on time.

Screenshots from project

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