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We’re on a mission to help great businesses get the exposure sought by ensuring their websites have the proper foundation and tools to grow and attract new customers.

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Meet the D-team (Dad team)

A couple of digital dads with a couple of decades of combined web experiences (and too many bad dad jokes)

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Mike Miello
Website Strategy + Education

With a background in startups and big tech, I launched Webodew to simplify and accelerate web projects. But my mission goes beyond that. I'm also passionate about teaching people, helping them better understand the web's vast landscape. Since 2012, I've been dedicated to not only improving projects, but making them enjoyable and enlightening for everyone involved.

matt connelly web design webodew
Matt Connelly
Project Coordination + Optimization

Boasting a 15-year career in tourism and serving as a sales and marketing director, I found myself yearning for a different kind of impact. I was driven to simplify projects, to make them more accessible to all. Joining forces with Mike, it was clear we shared a vision. Harnessing our "nerd smarts" in SEO, web design, and lead generation, we set out on a shared mission: to empower businesses with our collective expertise and insights.

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Since 2012, we've helped businesses improve their websites with better design and being being found online. Our work has opened opportunities to lecture and offer certified training courses for topics including website SEO, design, and growth hacking.

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Webodew was created
Partnering with OpenClassrooms and Epitech Institute, we've worked on 5+ courses that help aspiring web designers and developers learn about web concepts

Webodew is all about hitting digital goals and providing you with understanding

The web game is our sport. And we want you to win!

woman consultant website owner

"Extremely reliable and got to the heart of what my business is all about"

Founder of Podcast and Voice consultant, Cecilia Poullain

lawyer website owner

"So helpful, responds to requests very quickly"

Director of Legal Consultancy, Rebecca Normand-Hochman

website owner deborah

"Their energy and enthusiasm get you so pumped"

Head of Video Content Agency, Carl Kwan

consultant chiropractor website owner

"Ensures you are constantly thinking of ways to improve"

Partner Program Specialist, Booking.com, Nina Jameson

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