I'm Mike Miello

A designer,
A teacher,
a web Do-er.

Web-o-dew meaning "We Do Web Together"

I've helped 112+ organizations with their online strategy and success.

Since 2012, I've been helping businesses improve their websites with everything from the design, the communication strategy to being found online. I tend to work with organizations and individuals that offer services within tech, education, professional services, and expat life. Eventually I started teaching what I do and have spoke at conferences about digital strategy and web design.

I teach seo(search engine optimization).

Partnering with OpenClassrooms, I created two video courses about SEO (search engine optimization) in partnership with OpenClassrooms. My class is available to 3 million of their students and free to anyone.

FREE CLASSES if interested in learning:

Besides Halloween, the only other time I've worn makeup.

I lead an entrepreneur group in Paris, France

I lead monthly entrepreneur meetups in Paris as a volunteer with Message Paris. This group is dedicated to English-speaking people. We meet once a month to discuss business and deep-dive on a topic to push our businesses forward.

Sure..I love computers, but I love people more!

My core values


Be present.

Make it a priority to be available for my clients, to understand where they are today and find solution to where they want to be.


Be positive.

I believe that great things can come out of hard situations. Keep playing because the game is never over until it’s over.


Be respectful.

I honor and hold true to my commitments and deadlines set with clients. In the event of something unexpected, I immediately communicate.


Be hungry.

I have an itch inside of myself to discover new things that could benefit my clients.