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We’re a couple of gents that love to design and develop web products. We emphasize fun in our websites and mobile apps. And we also emphasize fun as our work culture with our clients. That is our formula to help companies achieve more.

WTF to us is WTFun! We came up with that in our man caves.

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Love helping educators of all types that want fun, exciting web platforms


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Good-looking websites help your credibility, for sure. But your audience’s needs go beyond good looks. If you can’t provide the right balance of access to relevant information and a fun web experience, it will be hard to build anything that carries much value to your audience. That can translate into a waste of your time and money.

We call this the ABCs problem. (Problems with information being accessible, beneficial, and consistent) These are three problem areas that we are committed to solving and that we’re excited to help educators find solutions.

Educators have the ability to affect people positively. And if positive effects happen more and more, this will help us build more caring environments and better solutions to our problems.

That’s why we built Webodew. To be your web arm and support your vision and change the world.

Have a little web fun 😀

We even try to be educators ourselves. Go web!

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Let’s build your web dream.

You’ve got an idea for an upcoming web project. Let’s find a way to make it happen.

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Nice words from our clients

Patricia Bonaert
Chair of the YPO London Business School and Creator of Expatkit

Our project: Patricia launched a couple of initiatives and needed a website to promote her services and communicate with her audience.

“I enjoyed working with Mike as he would make me think about the way I would like to bring my message across and then would be present in the whole process of making this vision become a reality.”

kirsty headshootKirsty Weir
Expat Specialist at Booking.com

Together We Won : We provided Kirsty with an updated website that included managing event functionality. This speed up her workflow, which was critical as she was the only one running her business

“These guys recently helped me redevelop my website for a personal project. I am really happy with the result. It is now both user-friendly for our clients and also very functional for us behind the scenes. If you need to revamp your website or are looking for someone to provide ongoing support – Webodew are your guys!”

craig headshoot
Craig Harmon

Principal/Founder of Cardiotronix

Together We Won : We provide Craig and his company a website that would help him jumpstart his company marketing. As the company has grown, we have added functionalities that help automate some of his manual tasks such as customer request forms.

“Right from the initial meeting with Mike it was evident that he would bring an exceptional amount of value and insight to the project. Mike is an excellent communicator, and he is extremely enthusiastic and well organized. Mike was dedicated to our project, and willingly gave his time and insight. We are extremely pleased with the results, and would not have been successful without Mike’s skill-sets, knowledge, and insights. We continually get positive feedback from our customers about our website and Mike’s work. In summary, we would highly recommend Weboew’s services, and we look forward to working with them on future projects.”

elizabeth headshootElizabeth Njeru
Social Entrepreneur at Mama Kenia

Together We Won : We helped Elizabeth build a website with her existing assets to drive interests for her unique catering service.  She was featured in a Dutch wide publication.

“Mike has never been to Kenya but he was able to understand and convey the African vibe that is helping my social entrepreneurship project gain traction in the community. Webodew just takes care of my web issues.”

kanak headshootKanak Hirani Nautiyal
Partner at Pashm & KARIGAR

Together We Won : We redesigned their Pashm website to communicate their brand elegantly for their upcoming activities with wholesale dealers

“These guys very quickly understood us and translated our ideas into a website vision. It process was hand offs and their deliver was on time. We look forward to working with Webodew again in the near future when we launch our webshop!”

dorota headshootDorota Klop-Sowinska
Coach and Counselor at DoSoCoaching

Together We Won : We provided Dorota with a redesigned website that resulted in more customer inquiries and more subscribers to her newsletter.

“So much more than a web designer! Creative, dedicated & business oriented!”

carl headshootCarl Kwan
Marketing Director

Together We Won : We redesigned Edutige’s ecommerce website resulting in doubling their sales conversation in 2 months. Plus they now have a platform that they can control.

“They did an amazing job. But the thing about working with Mike and Vitor is that their energy and enthusiasm get you so pumped about your business that you feel re-energized and can’t wait to get to work.

Awesome communicator. Fresh ideas. Committed to your success. I’d recommend Webodew to anyone.”

bruce headshootBruce Haase
Speaking Sustainably Consulting

Together We Won : We helped Bruce get control of his various documents and email inboxes. Everything was scattered and so we developed a way to centralize all his work

“Not only did these guys help me get my website on-line, they also helped me develop an integrated system for e-mail, document storage and sharing and calendar function. He is easy to work with, and provides the right amount of support. This is particularly unusual for someone like me, who doesn’t just want a solution, but wants to understand how it all works.”

bjorn headshootBjörn Wagner
Personal Portfolio

Together We Won : We provided a portfolio website that Bjorn used to compliment his work resume and modeling career.

“If you are looking for a fresh online marketing campaign, if you’re looking for a video that ‘sticks’, think of Webodew. Mike and Vitor can do for you, what others only talk about.”

buffi headshootBuffi Duberman
English Coach

Together We Won: We provide Buffi with a personal branded website. This would help her lay a solid online portfolio prior to launching a few online courses

“Michael was fantastic to work with! He was able to explain very complex web-related tools in a way that I, as a technophobe, actually understood! I highly recommend him. A real pleasure to do business with.”

jeroen headshootJeroen Schimmel
Owner of E-Commerce Web shop

Together We Won : We helped A2Concepts complete a web design project that they were unable to. We also implemented a few security and SEO functionalities to help them maintain their website.

“These guys knows how to get it done. Masters of their web craft and know how to solve and explain difficult software problems in a relaxed and easy way.”

lisaLisa Carolan
Freelance Designer

Together We Won : We provided feedback on Lisa’s design to improve it for the web. Then we took her design and converted it into a responsive website.

Webodew brings clearer understanding to projects on the web. Helping to understand what’s possible and what’s not. Also Mike is really enthusiastic about his work. It’s a pleasure to work with you guys!

deshana headshootDeshana Boo
Physio Massage Therapist

Together We Won : We provided Deshana a multi-language website so that she could clearly communicate to her two customer segments within Amsterdam, the locals and the expats.

“It was a pleasure working with Webodew! Very professional and very clear when explaining. I also like how they are constantly challenging me to create for myself a unique identity that will set me apart from the many massage therapists websites. Thank you!!”

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