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Your website should empower you, right?

It should. Unfortunately, the complaints are real and costly.

Your website leaves a bad, unprofessional first impression

Job opportunities seem to go to others because they "look better" online

Your contacts are reluctant to refer people to your work (found on your website)

Your website creates confusion in helping people take action

Dealing with tech hurdles and security threats just causes more stress

No real growth plan leading to no new customers

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Enjoy a better way to getting a website you need.

Attain the results you need to grow and be supported along the ride.

Position yourself as the best to solve your customer's problems and you become an industry authority that competitors fear. Connect to the hearts of people through empowering visuals and messaging and you become a force to be heard. Let's get you here. (View web services)

High-quality website can:

  • Grab the attention of new customers
  • Make referrals proud to connect you
  • Increase your sales, recognition and brand loyalty
  • Secure yourself from hackers and technology headaches
  • Be optimized for search engines
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"Nailed it, the first time."

Inc Magazine listee for fastest growing privately-owned US company, Vanessa Merit Nornberg

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"Working with Mike is fun, not work."

TedX coach, Best-Selling Author, Netherlands Freelancer of the Year, David Beckett

chiropractor website owner

"3x increase in appointments after new website."

Successful chiropractor about to open his second location, Dr. Bryant Harris

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"Exactly what we need in a website."

Patent Agent at IP law firm, Shirley Fung

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"Understands tech, online presence and scale."

Non-profit Founder, former Fortune 500 sales executive, Deborah Carter

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"Phenomenal with the students"

Director at American School of Paris, Dann Kerr

Some of the impact made on brands just like yours

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Go beyond competitors

above the noise

Claritas is a Paris based network of legal translators. Décideurs Magazine ranked theme as one of the best legal translation agencies in France. They selected me to create their new brand identity and website.

Inspired by the lines of Palais de Chaillot in Paris, I used lines to design patterns and help give a classy, yet minimal website feels.

"Mike listened to what we were trying to achieve and asked a lot of questions, then came back to me soon after with ideas he had found - and he nailed it."

randi goring translator
Randi Goring
Partner, Claritas
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Fuel positive growth

Be resourceful to your tribe

The Centre for Learning and Technology provides on-site and online training to teachers and school faculty. They needed a website would help attract teachers and offer online visibility

"Mike listened to what we were trying to achieve and asked a lot of questions, then came back to me soon after with ideas he had found - and he nailed it."

erika is communication director
Erika Harriford-McLaren
Head of Communications
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Empathy is power.

Be relatable and compassionate to gain trust

360pt is a Paris-based fitness company that helps corporate executives regain their personal health and nutrition by in-home fitness sessions. Because workout sessions take place in people's homes, it's very personal. We wanted to give the real feeling of "working out at home" using real raw photos of actual clients.

"Hire Mike if you’re looking for a no BS web designer who not only has the skills and knowledge to maximise your presence on the Web, but also cares about how well your business does."

andy marlow owner
Andy Marlow
Owner of 360PT
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Fill gaps where needed

help others and re-energize yourself

Cecilia Poullain is a voice coach that also launched a new podcast Brave New Podcast empowering women through powerful personal stories. I helped her redesign her brand identity and website to feel more community-driven as opposed to just a service.

"Mike not only created a beautiful website, but he's always around to answer questions and help me extend my efforts."

cecilia poullain
Cecilia Poullain
Founder Brave New Podcast
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Use fun as your secret weapon

Turning boring task into playful fun

Happy Plant is an iOS app that reminds people to water plants. Unsurprisingly, many people including myself suffer from being bad plant caretakers. I created this app to help people and have been featured by Apple several times since 2017. And we have over 150,000 users!

"When boring things can be made fun, it creates a whole new perspective."

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Mike Miello

Simple website game plan.

Keep the web design process simple so you can focus on your speciality.

1. Message Mike 😀 (that's me)

I'll ask you some questions to learn how I can can better assist you.

2. Build your website, strategically

After understanding your vision, we'll build your website to facilitate your needs and provide growth opportunities.

3. Impact more people

With a clear website for your audience, you’ll reinforce meaningful relationships and enjoy a profound confidence in front of new customers.

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Simply helping you "dew" more. [web-o-dew]

When you treat your website as a marketing asset, you can rely on it to add confidence to your brand. But it needs the right mix of ingredients: strategy, design, execution. I started Webodew to help small businesses get more value out of their online efforts to free up wasted time and impact more.

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