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At Zocket, we designed and developed a LinkedIn type platform focused on the life science industry

Zocket is a new startup that wants to disrupt job recruitment in life science.

We designed and developed the platform. From user management to personality testing to algorithmic job matching to internal messaging, we built a beast. We remain as their design and development team to continually improve and manage the platform.

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At Insite, we helped to increase sign ups and get more parents and kids to take on global challenges

Insite is a non-profit based in Amsterdam that brings a whole new perspective to students and culture awareness.

We designed and developed their website with the intention to attract new students to sign up (appeal to younger crowds) while ensuring parents that the program is legit (creating trust). We maintain their website to keep it updated and running smoothly.

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At ISAmsterdam, we redesigned their website to communicate better with their audiences and provide more flexibility.

The International School of Amsterdam is a world-renown IB school for children ages 2 to 18. We redesigned their old website because it did not accurately portray the school’s forward-thinking approach. Also, it was hard for their staff to manage information. We continue to support them with updates and ensure their website security. They must’ve liked our work. Shortly after, they asked us to create a second website focused on their professional development services.

We still support them and help identify ways to improve their online presence and functionality.

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“I’m so happy with their business approach and consistent support.”


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With Happy Plant, we’re turning boring task into fun life savers

My wife kept repeating, “Water the plants or they’ll die!”

Unfortunately, it’s true. But it also gave us the funny idea to make an app that reminds you to water your plants. We created this app as a fun side project to learn how to build iPhone apps. The first version took us 5 days to make and then we eventually added some new premium features.

Excitingly, we get downloads every day and are continuing to improve it.

Happy Plant App

At Consult Seuss, we redesigned their website show a whole new brand perception of their staff

Seuss Consultants work in the life-science industry. We redesigned their website to portray strength, confidence and take advantage of their recent branding and photos. Beyond providing an informational site, we added downloadable content that helps Seuss identify new leads. We continue to support them by updating their website.

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With ExpatKit, we helped Patricia get more qualified executive meetings

Patricia is an entrepreneur for expat families living abroad. She wanted a personal website to support her consulting business but had no idea where to begin. We helped her from scratch. (i.e. finding her voice, her visual design and developing her website while taking care of the technical setup.) We continue to support her website and help bounce ideas off each other that involve technology.

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Happy Customer

“3 months after launching our site redesign, our business doubled. I think the modern, professional site is a huge factor.”


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