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Get a website that makes you proud without the tech stress mess.

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websites can be painful.

Wasted time, tech struggles, not getting what you want, it can be tough to get the website you want.

It's not fun, nor profitable, when websites get stupid-ly complicated. The complaints are real!

  • Bad organization
  • Designers that don’t get your vision
  • Lack of innovation and motivation
  • Missed deadlines, broken promises
  • Developers disappearing...wtf is he/her?
  • Unfair charges for simple changes

Enjoy a better way.

A personalized website without the Fortune 500 budgets.

If there's one thing that I do differently, it's that I ask tons of questions to get to know what matters to you and your business. Simple objective: To build a unique website based on your needs to accomplish what you need to do.

  • Relaxing calls focused on strategy
  • We design together
  • No broken deadlines (guaranteed or your money back)
  • No unfair charges

"Nailed it, the first time."

Inc Magazine listee for fastest growing privately-owned US company
- Vanessa Merit Nornberg

"Working with Mike is fun, not work."

TedX coach, Best-Selling Author, Netherlands Freelancer of the Year
- David Beckett

"Exactly what we need in a website."

Patent Agent
- Shirley Fung

"Stretched my thinking"

Non-profit Founder, former Fortune 500 sales executive
- Deborah Carter

"Phenomenal with the students"

Director of a leading IB School
- Dann Kerr

"My colleagues are jealous"

Successful chiropractor about to open his second location
- Dr. Bryant Harris

simple game plan.

Get your website looking great within weeks and push your goals forward.

1. Develop your content

Depending where you are with your content, I'll help you develop copy, images and colors by asking tons of important questions and thinking how it ALL fits into your website strategy.

2. Design your website

Transforming into artists, we'll design a website masterpiece aligned with your goals to improve your business like more clients, industry leadership positioning, and answering your audiences' questions.

3. Launch your website

I'll launch your website by taking care of all the little tech things to ensure a fast-loading, secure website. Then we dance and I'm around to make changes afterward.

Dew right with your website.

We "dew" together to find a winning formula for your online business.


Helping you do more online.

I've met many business owners and communication heads who need a professional website, but don’t have expert help. The results are okay-ish, but the process is painful and slow. I started Webodew to be a real web design sprint: a process that's fast to get you the website you love.

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Win on Web Together ⛽️🔥

Simple game plan.

Get your website looking great and push your goals forward.

Your power, your ambitions to impact others begins with being able to get a few moments of their time. My website aim is to help you start conversations with your website so that you're heard and can get people into motion.

"Mike nailed it, the first time."

Inc Magazine listee for fastest growing privately-owned US companies, Vanessa Nornberg-Barey

"Working with Mike is fun, not work."

Best-Selling Author, TedX coach, Netherlands Freelancer of the Year, David Beckett

"Mike gave us exactly what we need in a website."

Patent Agent, Patent Capital Group, Shirley Fung