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An education-focused consultancy that wanted to strengthen their approach with international schools and global companies.

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Remfrey Education Consultant is an education-focused consultancy based in Switzerland that works with international schools and global companies. Despite having a website, the founder felt her previous website left an unprofessional first impression, impacting her business.

She requested a new website that, from a design perspective, would help demonstrate her professionalism and, from a development perspective, one that would enable her to build a sales funnel process and integrate her service much better. 

Help was needed to:

  • Redesign the website to reflect their expertise
  • Develop the website with Webflow for easy management
  • Implementing precise on-page SEO techniques
  • Offering strategies to amplify their SEO efforts through insightful content and meaningful backlinks


Remfrey Education Consultant is a bridge between educators and better teaching and parenting practices. Therefore, potential clients should feel a sense of "credibility and trustworthiness" when selecting her services.

The features of their revamped website included:

  • Curating unique pages tailored to different educational sectors they cater to
  • Incorporating a resource hub and blog to enlighten visitors about the latest in educational trends and best practices
  • Crafting a Webflow website that the team could effortlessly update
  • Embedding effective SEO practices and guiding them in establishing a solid presence on platforms like LinkedIn for added credibility


Targeting "credibility and trustworthiness," the website now showcases images of real educators, workshops, and success stories, reflecting April's dedication and professional demeanor.

The outcome of the digital revamp has been stellar:

  • 3x increase in clicks to her website over the year
  • Achieving many more signups for her newsletter
  • Expansion of her speaking engagements and presence in the international education school community

April Remfrey, Education Consultant
Mike and Webodew made the most awesome Webflow website for me and now my search hits are off the charts! I can't recommend him enough to help you build a rock star website and improve your SEO.

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