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To bring clarity to the website

Technical training is powerful when understood. For Lablabee, we needed to bring clarity to their messaging and a more professional appearance to their website.

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Lablabee is a Telco training company that is teaching the latest in Telco technology. They have a very unique training, which has won them both investment and praise, but they had difficulty communicating this across the Internet. Their website was unorganized and they didn't feel that they were portraying their services effectively. They asked me to help bring clarity to their website and to reposition themselves as a service provide to leading Telco companies.

It was my job to help them:

  • Redesign their website to feel more branded and more professional
  • Reorganize how they communicate about their services and speak to their targeted audiences
  • Develop a Webflow website that would attract new clients


Quickly I discovered that their website content spoke vaguely about their features and very little about their audience's needs and desires. I decided to first get a solid understanding of their unique target audiences (Telco directors and Telco technology learners) and find a way to position Lablabee as the company who can help each audience reach their goals.

Their website consisted of:

  • Getting the copy to speak more about the target audience as opposed to the company itself
  • Developed a modern visual feel that would immediately resonate within the Telco industry
  • Apply Webflow SEO Setup to help them gain visibility in search engines
  • Provide training on how they can update the site as they move ahead


After our 4-week website project, they had their new website just in time for a major Telco conference.

And they were already seeing great results:

  • New website has been used to present the company, which has since raised more money from investors
  • 42% increase in average session on site
  • 27% decrease in bounce rate
  • Many compliments of people saying, "your website is awesome."

Mahfoud Sidi Ali Mebarek, Co-founder at Lablabee
The positive energy from Mike!!!! And the website gets awesome compliments!

Mike listens to you and helps you think about what you and your clients need to see on a website

Screenshots from project

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