Show kids amazing options in life.

Web design for non-profit foundation

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Client's Ambition

Introduce kids to lives that they never knew existed.

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Big wins together


  • Set up entire new website and email
  • Developed flexible databases so interviews can be filtered by preference
  • Platform for kids to be inspired by others they can relate with
  • Part of advisory board to help with technology

The website is creating momentum among potential partners (corporations) as they can clearly see the value and need to tackle important areas such as social diversity and inclusion.

Website Deliverables

Customer web design
Responsive website
Filter system integrated for interviews
SEO optimized structure

Champion Client


Deborah Carter, Managing Director at PreparationTech
"The website is absolutely gorgeous!"

I hired Webodew because I wanted Mike to help transform my vision into a beautiful, unique website. Having worked with other developers before, I wanted someone that I knew would work hard with me and not cause problems.

The business goal

Inspire future generations through familiarity and acceptance.

aim to get there

PreparationTech- a Non-Profit- needed a website that inspires kids and that corporations understand.

Of the many challenges that children encounter, PreparationTech wanted to work on the challenge of opening kid's minds to opportunities within the tech world.

But PreparationTech is going a step further to help kids learn from people of ALL backgrounds and interests.

If you look at the makeup of the tech sector, diversity is a problematic area. Corporations are well aware and working on the issue, but the issue stems prior to people entering the workforce. Deborah, leading PreparationTech, knows this personally as she climbed the ranks of Fortune500 companies, and believes that if you can plant the right seed in a kid's mind, no matter their race/gender preference or interests, it might harvest a better world.

She brought me into this project because she trusted that I could house her vision into a website platform that will grow as her positive impact will grow.

The website is meant to inspire kids from all sorts of people and provide a platform for corporations to engage.

Wireframes - used to help the copywriters develop website content


Branding Guidelines

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