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erika is communication director

"In this crazy marketing world, how do you know when you have found the right partner in crime? For me, it happened 5 years ago when I met Mike and found someone who is eager and genuinely interested in knowing more about me and what my organisation does, who isn't afraid to give me his perspectives (even when they are contrary to mine), who can make me laugh through the hard times and, most importantly, who offers top quality work and professionalism that frankly makes me (and my company) look better and better by the minute. Mike has helped to create a lasting and impactive digital footprint across the International School landscape and I'm so happy he has let me and our school join the ride. He inspires those he works with to think big, to push boundaries and to get to the heart of the story they are trying to tell. He's a great sparring partner, has infinite patience (bless him!) and I hope that he will always have time to work us on all things digital for the future."

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
Erika Harriford-McLaren, Communications Manager
andy marlow 360pt

"Hire Mike if you’re looking for a no BS web designer who not only has the skills and knowledge to maximise your presence on the Web, but also cares about how well your business does."

360PT in Paris, France
Andy Marlow, Founder and Head Trainer
Cecilia Poullain

Mike has just created my website. Because of his marketing background, he had the skills to be able to make the site look professional and attractive and to get to the heart of what my business is all about. He was great to work with - extremely reliable, lots of good ideas and very fast - within a month and three or four phone calls, the site was done.

Brave New Women, France
Cecilia Poullain, Founder
Guillaume Acier

The most important thing when working with anyone is communication and that they understand what you need - someone who "gets it".  Mike also gave some smart suggestions and good advice,  he is someone who really cares.

Aperowine in Los Angeles
Guillaume Acier, Co-founder
Anja Hopma

Mike was great to work with. Great personality and he keeps the work atmosphere fun! In just a few months, we were able to make some high quality learning content about SEO thanks to him.

OpenClassrooms in Paris, France
Anja Hopma, Instructional Designer
Netysha Modern Careerist

As a freelance consultant, I had Mike build me a website to get my business off the ground. He ended up being so much more than just technical help. He has a holistic approach and really got to know the needs of my business by asking lots of probing questions that helped me refine what I wanted to do. He also has lots of experience so was able to offer some good advice and offer his opinion on things. And when my motivation would wane, he would coach me to make it to the next milestone. I really saw him as a partner to my business.

Modern Careerist
Netysha Laborbe, Founder
Tiphanie Yan

This is my second website done by Mike, and it has always been a great pleasure working with him!!! He is not just a web designer, but he understands what a good website needs in order to attract more clients, Mike listens and absorbs his client's business core, ans he's able to transform it onto the website. Not to mention he's super efficient! I'd recommend Mike to every entrepreneur in a heart beat! And he deserves a 6 STAR!!
Tiphanie Yan, Founder and Well-being Coach
Deborah Carter

Even before we started discussing the specifics of our Web site re-design, Mike did in-depth research to understand what we do and how to best communicate this through site layout, text and images. Throughout the process, he stretched my thinking and made great suggestions related to Web site performance, user experience and a simplified back-end publishing system. I highly recommend him and his team.

Preparation Tech in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Deborah Carter, Founder
Nina Jameson

I have worked with Mike to build an online portal to support expat partners with their integration to the Netherlands. During several meetings with Mike we decided on the layout and structure of the portal, during these meeting Mike would question us with various scenarios to make sure the final product was 'covering all grounds'. He provided us with various options, explaining carefully the pros and cons of each structure (eg layout templates) so we could work out which would be best. We were able to learn and understand how to run the website without having to be totally reliant on his services but at the same time he is available to offer guidance and further recommendations. Mike has ideas 'outside of the box' to ensure you are constantly thinking of ways to improve the user experience. He is flexible and creative to work around proposals we have had and put them into practice in a way proving to be efficient to use for the front and back end of the portal. in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Nina Jameson, Expat Services Lead
Sarah Polan

I've been hoping to have an opportunity to work with Michael for several years, now. His expertise, enthusiasm, and approach to clients has always been remarkable. That opportunity finally presented itself this year and Michael proved to be everything I expected and more. Before even offering a proposal, he took the time to look at the website and understand the company values; his proposal was clear and really reflected the urgencies that we saw as a company; He executed the plan flawlessly, efficiently before the deadline. I look forward to working more with Michael in the future.

Sarah Polan, Speaker and Cyber Security Consultant
Dan Kerr

Mike worked with us at the American School of Paris creating a poignant, fun and engaging video for our Early Childhood initiative...and it was fantastic! We are currently using the video as part of our marketing strategy and it's on our website as well. He was great with our teachers, phenomenal with the students, and he truly captured what we were looking for as we bring our outdoor education and play based learning initiatives to life...thank you Mike for your outstanding work!

American School of Paris
Dan Kerr, Director
Rebecca Normand Hochman

Working with Mike is a pleasure, he is so helpful, responds to requests very quickly and provides excellent client service. I highly recommend Mike to anyone having to design or manage a website.

Institute of Legal Talent & Leadership in Paris, France
Rebecca Normand-Hochman, Founder
Bart den Haak

Mike created a website for my IT consulting services. As a consultant, I could have made the website myself, but I liked Mike's style and his approach toward working. Mike's a marketer with a sense of web design. He helped me choose my domain, construct my content to speak to my audience, and took care of the design and development with the photos I had available. We did it in good timing, which allowed me to get out quickly start offering my services.

OKR Consultant
Bart den Haak, Consultant
Kanak Hirani Nautiyal

I met Mike at the Amsterdam Small Business Networking event soon after I launched my own business with my partner. We had launched our website but were looking to take it to the next level and that's where Mike stepped in. A few brainstorming sessions later, we arrived at a brand new look and feel for our website -- which we absolutely love! Mike is very quickly able to understand your needs as a client and can translate your ideas into a vision. He asks relevant questions and delivers on time. We look forward to working with Mike again in the near future when we launch our webshop!

Kanak Hirani Nautiyal, Founder
Craig Harmon

We are a start-up technical services company and we contacted Mike about developing our website. Right from the initial meeting with Mike it was evident that he would bring an exceptional amount of value and insight to the project. Mike is an excellent communicator, and he is extremely enthusiastic and well organized. Mike was dedicated to our project, and willingly gave his time and insight. We are extremely pleased with the results, and would not have been successful without Mike's skill-sets, knowledge, and insights. We continually get positive feedback from our customers about our website and Mike's work. In summary, we would highly recommend Mike's services, and we look forward to working with Mike on future projects.

Cardiotronix in Atlanta, Georgia
Craig Harmon, Principal/Founder
Kirsty Weir

Mike recently helped me redevelop my website (Jam I am really happy with the result, it is now both user-friendly for our clients and also very functional for us behind the scenes. If you need to revamp your website or are looking for someone to provide ongoing support - he's your man!
Kirsty Weir, Advisor to the CEO
Carl Kwan

Mike helped us update our website,, and did an amazing job. But the thing about working with Mike is that his energy and enthusiasm get you so pumped about your business that you feel re-energized and can't wait to get to work.That he is also a fantastic Wordpress website developer is almost secondary to why I would recommend him to anyone looking for a website. Awesome communicator. Fresh ideas. Committed to your success. Real value.

Kwan Multimedia in Vancouver, Canada
Carl Kwan, Founder
Randi Goring

In choosing a web designer for our new legal translation website, I decided to work with Mike after our very first call. It was that easy! He listened to what we were trying to achieve and asked a lot of questions, then came back to me soon after with ideas he had found - and he nailed it. The entire process was painless: Mike is easy to get in touch with and always happy to talk through our vision and approach. And if we had different ideas, he explained where he was coming from, but would adapt his design to our decision. Honestly, it was a pleasant experience and I felt he was always in our corner. I'd work with him again, hands down!

Claritas Paris
Randi Goring, Legal Translator

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