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If you landed on this page from search, that's Squarespace SEO in action!

Let's use similar SEO strategies rank your website high in search for your products and services.

Drive more traffic to your Squarespace website with seo (Search engine optimization)

80% of customers use search engines to look up local information. Let's make sure people find you. Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for your Squarespace website to attract potential customers. When people have a problem, they search to find solutions, and when your site ranks at the top, there's a BIG chance they'll contact you.

do better Squarespace SEO

Websites are in constant competition for top search engine rankings. Having a solid plan and executing on it, is what makes all the difference.

I will guide you through every step of improving your Squarespace SEO so that your website will soar to the top of search results. You'll learn alongside me, gaining the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions as your business evolves. Whether you're launching a new Squarespace website or looking to enhance your existing site's SEO, I'm here to help.

Optimize your Squarespace SEO

Squarespace is engineered for optimal SEO performance. With fast loading speeds, top-notch security, and all the essential features for search engine indexing, your Squarespace website is poised for success. However, unlocking its full potential requires a comprehensive understanding of SEO and how to put it into practice.

Be found when it matters.

Did you know that over 50% of all clicks go to the top three results on the first page? Knowing this means that we need to improve our site to get into the top three so that we get ahead of the competition and increase your online visibility.

And taking the steps in the proper direction is what simply all you need.

ready to Improve your Squarespace SEO?

I've helped tech startups, educators and marketers to drive traffic and rank higher in search results.

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"Great personality and he keeps the work atmosphere fun! In just a few months, we were able to make some high quality learning content about SEO thanks to him."

SEO Course Designer at OpenClassrooms, Anja Hopma

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"Mike has been very quick to implement the numerous changes I’ve asked him to make and has helped me to better understand SEO + Webflow."

Owner of 360pt, Andy Marlow

chiropractor website owner

"Mike has been very quick to implement the numerous changes I’ve asked him to make and has helped me to better understand SEO."

Freelancer writer, Alice Ramsay

chiropractor website owner

"Mike gives good consulting advice for web design, webflow and webflow SEO. Great information that can help me out with my business."

Freelance photographer, David Ruelas

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an Squarespace seo strategy that makes sense.

Enjoy SEO improvements that can be implemented today coupled with an action plan for tomorrow.

1. Improve your Squarespace seo

We'll examine your website’s current search visibility and implement SEO practices that boost rankings.

2. Identify strategic keywords

We'll identify keywords related to your customer’s intent and how they search for answers to questions. This will help your content creation be aligned to your customer's needs.

3. Develop strong backlinks

Just as referrals are the best business development method offline, we'll do similar with backlinks and get Google to see you as the credible expert.

I'm a squarespace developer and seo consultant. Also an american dad living in france.

Hi I'm Mike (a Webflow Certified Expert (my public profile))and would love to help you with your Webflow website and SEO strategy! Just to give a taste of my interest in the space, here's a blog post on Webflow SEO and keywords. Maybe helpful too?

I’m from the States but living in France. (Alors si vous cherchez quelqu'un qui parle français, je suis prêt pour le défi. I say that because I'm originally from the States.)

Webflow is not well known in Europe yet, but I believe this will change as more people become aware of it. I’ve built over 100 websites on various platforms like WordPress and Squarespace, and Webflow simply has the right ingredients for many small businesses that want unique customer designs and functionalities without the maintenance issues.

And regarding Webflow's SEO capabilities, it's wonderful! The fast loading, schema markup, easy alt-text and meta options....all the geeky tech stuff!! I'd love to help implementing this and making website even more powerful!

Learn more about me and if you need some help, please do get in touch!

Hi, I'm Mike, a Squarespace developer and SEO consultant. While I enjoy designing websites, I discovered that the power of a website is from being discovered by new clients. And this is where SEO and developing an understanding of how digital marketing works became my passion.

I currently reside in France but am originally from the United States and work in both languages...but with an American accent.

While Squarespace may not be a household name in Europe yet, I believe that it will soon become a sought-after platform for small businesses seeking custom designs and functionalities without the hassle of maintenance that you may know from WordPress.

With fast loading speeds, schema markup, and easy alt-text and meta options, Squarespace's SEO capabilities are second to none. I've built over 100 websites on various platforms like WordPress and Webflow and have found that Squarespace has the perfect mix of functionality and control options that many small businesses or teams desire.

If you're looking for help optimizing your Squarespace website for SEO, I'd be honored to assist. Learn more about me and feel free to get in touch if you need help with your website.

FAQS with Squarespace SEO

What is Squarespace seo?

Squarespace SEO refers to the process of optimizing a website built on the Squarespace platform for search engines such as Google and Bing. This optimization process involves various techniques such as technical on-page SEO, keyword research, meta descriptions, and schema markup to help the website rank higher in search results and attract more organic traffic. The ultimate goal of Squarespace SEO is to improve the visibility and discoverability of a website to potential customers searching for relevant products or services online.

Is SQUARESPACE good for seo?

Absolutely! Squarespace has everything you need for a strong SEO strategy. You can create fast-loading pages, add essential elements such as schema markup, and have a lot of functionalities that help search engines understand your expertise. Squarespace is a great choice for optimizing your website for search engines.

For the people that have negative things to say about Squarespace SEO, I would challenge them on their strategy. Because Squarespace created a platform made for everyone, they did remove some of the small intricacies that a specialists may desire. But in the big picture, these little differences that one platform has over another doesn't matter. What really matters is that you're checking the boxes of doing certain things, which are totally possible in Squarespace, and executing on a keyword strategy that can actually benefit you.

What is a Squarespace SEO consultant?

A Squarespace SEO consultant is a professional who specializes in optimizing websites built on the Squarespace platform for search engines. The consultant helps businesses improve their website's visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing, by using techniques and strategies such as keyword research, on-page optimization, content creation, and technical SEO. By working with a Squarespace SEO consultant, businesses can improve their online presence, attract more traffic to their website, and ultimately increase their revenue.

will SEO improve my search ranking?

Yes, SEO can improve your search ranking. By optimizing your website's content and technical elements, you can improve its visibility and relevance to search engines, resulting in a higher ranking in search results.

Do you offer SQUARESPACE SEO reviews of website built by someone else?

Absolutely! Squarespace is a versatile platform that can be used for various purposes, including SEO optimization. If you already have a Squarespace website and want to improve its SEO, it is possible. I will conduct a thorough analysis of your site to identify areas that can be improved according to SEO best practices. This may require design changes or not. Just reach out to me and let's discuss your needs.

Do you white-label WEbflow SEO services?

Yes, I can be your white-label Squarespace SEO partner and help ensure that your Squarespace websites follow best search engine practices. I offer two options for partnering: collaboration where I represent the SEO team, or anonymous where I provide updates to you without involving the client. Let's discuss your SEO needs and find a solution that works for you.