Webflow SEO audit

Get your WEBFLOW seo to work

Get a 20-minute personal video Webflow SEO audit. Packed with actionable info so you can make changes that agencies would bill thousands over months.

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Why not you?

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No search engine strategy

You don't have an SEO strategy in place to build a website that will actually rank..

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Not built to be discovered

Your website looks nice, but wasn’t made to attract customers through search engine.

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Not following SEO Guidelines

Your website probably is not following Best SEO practices that help your Google ranking.

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Unsure where to focus on

You’re not sure what you missing or could be doing. You need some SEO help.

Stop being invisible online with SEO advice that you can apply Today.

What you will receive.

  1. Receive up to a 20 minute personalized website SEO audit - I will guide you through your website to highlight areas where you can improve your website SEO, which will ultimately improve your website experience. I will speak about how your pages are structured, the type of content being created and my thoughts on how to improve and highlight any red flags (topics will include: rich-snippets, sitemap, hero section, content hub ideas)
  2. Fixes spotted - Using popular, premium SEO tool that I use on client projects, (expensive monthly subscriptions) I will provide you a site audit repot export of all SEO issues that are found. This includes the following: H1 headings, word count, duplicate content and tags, meta description, poorly formatted urls, and keyword usage.
  3. Don't lose new customers - Start improving your website immediately. Your SEO video will be provided in 72 hours or less.
  4. Higher organic traffic, less ad spend - Watch your organic traffic increase, which will allow you to drop your ad spend. Enjoy turning your website into a 24/7 sales machine that you don’t have to pay per click.
  5. No-risk guarantee - If you don’t like the video and changes suggested, I’ll give you your money back.

You can Improve your SEO with video guidance

I've helped tech startups, educators and marketers to drive traffic and rank higher in search results.

woman consultant website owner

"Great personality and he keeps the work atmosphere fun! In just a few months, we were able to make some high quality learning content about SEO thanks to him."

SEO Course Designer at OpenClassrooms, Anja Hopma

chiropractor website owner

"Mike has been very quick to implement the numerous changes I’ve asked him to make and has helped me to better understand SEO + Webflow."

Owner of 360pt, Andy Marlow

chiropractor website owner

"Mike has been very quick to implement the numerous changes I’ve asked him to make and has helped me to better understand SEO."

Freelancer writer, Alice Ramsay

chiropractor website owner

"Mike gives good consulting advice for web design, webflow and webflow SEO. Great information that can help me out with my business."

Freelance photographer, David Ruelas

Audit my Webflow SEO $250
3 simple steps

increase your organic traffic, your SEO ranking.

Enjoy SEO improvements that can be implemented today coupled with an action plan for tomorrow. No-risk guarantee - If you don’t like the video and changes suggested, I’ll give you your money back.

1. Book an seo audit

Submit your URL and answer some very simple questions to help me understand your business goals and keywords you’d like to attract customers.

2. idenitfy SEO problems

I'll review your page and record a 20 minute personal videos identifying the most important fixes to improve your SEO. Sent to you in less than 48 hours.

3. You rank higher in search

You watch the video, make improvements and hit publish. Not sure how to implement your changes? I'll help with that too. Just ask.

I AM the only certified webflow partner that focuses SOLELY ON WEBFLOW SEO.

official webflow partner badge of michael miello

I'm a Webflow Certified Expert (my partner profile) and would love to help you with your Webflow website and SEO strategy! Just to give a taste of my interest in the space, here's a blog post on Webflow SEO and keywords. Maybe helpful too?

  • I rank #1 for Webflow SEO consultant, my niche.
  • I rank #1 for Webflow designer in Paris, where I'm based.
  • I teach SEO to thousands of students at OpenClassrooms and Epitech Institute in Paris.
  • I work primarily with startups and small businesses, but some familiar clients include Swatch, Booking.com, Rotterdam School of Business, and Emirates.
  • I've designed and built over 200+ websites from scratch, helping to align the website with the business goal.
  • Fifteen years of experience building websites to rank in search engines.

Breakdown my Webflow SEO

Why are you obsessed Website SEO?

No customers means no business - After building 100s of websites, I found the most excitement in helping clients be found online. It’s like the secret sauce for any business when your website can pop up for people searching for solutions online. Just a small SEO improvement can significantly impact a business.

Will my website traffic actually increase?

Yes! When you implement your SEO improvements and move ahead with good content, search engines will increase your ranking, which you will able to monitor in your Google Search Console.

Why a 20-minute video?

Companies hire expensive SEO specialists for multiple weeks/months to improve their website SEO. I know because I'm one of them. But 20 minutes is actually good enough for small businesses that just want to get a good overview on how to improve your website’s SEO and get actionable advice.

How much does it cost?

$300 with no contract, commitments or ongoing fees. Book yours here. For most SaaS and small businesses, just one new customer through SEO will cover this cost. Think how much time and money you'd save if customers found you versus you having to find them. Better SEO is like having a 24/7 sales agent that will continually grow your business even while you sleep.

My website isn't live yet. Can you review the SEO?

Yes! Pre-launch is a great time to just make sure that you’re ticking the boxing of ensuring a successful launch. I just need to be able to view your website online. If I’m able to go ahead for whatever reason, I will let you know that we might need to modify the scope or happily refund you.

Can you offer advice on SEO websites for website in French or other languages?

Yes! Best SEO practices are independent of the language. I do speak French (avec un accent amercaino) and so I can help here.

Can you implement the SEO improvements on my website?

Yes, particularly if your site is built in Webflow! I can jump right in. If you have a custom built platform, then I can act more as a guide to help your team implement the changes.

Stop being invisible online and wasting money on ads.

Get quality SEO advice that will push your web presence into the spotlight and help you land new customers.

100% money-back guarantee if you don’t like the video and changes suggested.