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Squarespace offers a simple solution for a beautiful, fast website...when designed correctly.

Squarespace is a great option when you don't need a complicated website. You simply want your website to look great and be able to do small business related things such as writing a blog, creating an email list and possibly selling a few products or services.

If you're pumped about using Squarespace but interested in maybe working with a Squrespace designer, here are some areas I could help you out with:

1. Squarespace Fast Setup

Knowing the Squarespace platform, what can and can't be done, .etc, I can build your website within a couple days if you have the content ready. If not, then my next point...

2. Copywriting strategy and help

If you're wanting to pull the trigger for a website but lacking the copy, I can help. No client I work with has all their text complete and so by working together, we can brainstorm about what should be said, and fine-tune it to read quick and easily.

3. SEO for Squarespace

With your website being up, we need to make sure people can find it. I can help to implement the various SEO best practices which makes your sites more likely to rank for your optimal keywords.

4. Speed optimization

Squarespace sites are great, but we need to be careful that they load quickly. I can help optimize your squarespace site by making sure we don't load heavy images.

5. Ongoing Squarespace support by your side

Having someone to upload blogs, optimize image sizes, and give ideas to build a more visible website, I can be that guy...and I would love to be that guy!

Need a Squarespace designer located in France?

Hi I'm Mike and would love to help you with your Squarespace website!

Currently I’m located just outside of Paris, France; Rueil-Malmaison to be precise.

Si vous cherchez quelqu'un qui parle français, je suis prêt pour le défi. I say that because I'm originally from the States.

Squarespace is not well known in Europe yet, but I believe this will change as more people become aware of it. I’ve built over 100 websites on various platforms like WordPress and Webflow, and Squarespace simply has the right ingredients for many small businesses and allowing a designer like me to work on a personal one-to-one level with each client.

And so...

Learn more about me and if you need some help, please do get in touch!

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