Making Web Design Training Videos (behind the scenes)

By Mike Miello

Making web design videos to teach wireframes and mockups in Figma

I thought it would be fun to share the making of a video course that will be accessible to people worldwide. This course is aimed at developers for introduce them to wireframes, which is one of my favorite parts of web design.

And so this is me making a personal video while being the main subject of their video. ­čśé I must be a joy to work with!

Just for reference, I'm an instructor at OpenClassrooms teaching web design and marketing. If you're interested to jump into digital, they offer specialized training to land a job in tech, and they're really good.

This is my fifth video course. I have other courses to learn about growth hacking and even a Beginner's Guide to SEO, which you can find on my about page. 

Many people contribute to a digital training videos

As much fun as these are, I also learn a lot. It takes practice to be comfortable in front of the camera. For each video, I would say that probably 15-20 people have someone been part of the process:

  • project manager
  • creative directors
  • instructional designers
  • animators
  • videographers
  • acting instructors
  • copywriters

A lot goes into making a training video.

I still don't understand how news anchors make zero mistakes when on air. That is amazing. 

The course will be finalized and coming out in the coming months. If you'd like to be notified of its release, just sign up for my newsletter below.

Yippy!! Always be learning!

michael miello, owner of Webodew

This post was written by me, Mike, owner of Webodew. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

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