Webodew's SEO Wingman Chrome Extension: Your SEO Sidekick

By Mike Miello

Fellow business owners, may we raise a fist pump toward being curious and making SEO simple.


I nerd-ed out with ChatGPT to see if I could build a Chrome extension. OMG...I succeeded.

Simplifying SEO.

I decided to take this ability and see if I could make an easy-to-use SEO Chrome extension highlighting critical areas I consider during an Webflow SEO audit. OMG...I made version 1, and I'd like to try it.

Introducing SEO Wingman

I'm thrilled to introduce my first Google Chrome extension, SEO Wingman. I built this on my experiences using other SEO extensions, identifying what they were missing, and designing something simpler.

SEO Wingman works right in your browser, giving you SEO insights at the click of a button for any webpage you're currently on. It's like having an SEO expert standing by your side, giving you the lowdown on things like Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Headings, internal links, Schema usage, and more.

And here's the cherry on top - SEO Wingman even gives you a sneak peek of how your webpage might look when shared on social media. Isn't that neat?

Here's a video demo

Is SEO Wingman for me?

If you're a small business owner looking to understand and improve your SEO, I think you'll find this tool quickly helps you see that you're taking care of the SEO fundamentals:

  • Am I using keywords in my page title?
  • If someone shares my website on social, what image is displayed?
  • Am I using keyword-rich headings?
  • Are my headings using good structure?

SEO Wingman will answer these sorts of questions quickly.

Join the Journey!

Remember, this is just version 1.0. We're excited about the roadmap and have big plans for improving SEO Wingman based on your feedback and ideas. So why not join the journey? Install the extension, spin it, and tell us what you think. I'm all ears for your experiences, feedback, and feature requests.

Let's Wing It!

Ready to make SEO simpler? Install Webodew's SEO Wingman now and see for yourself. And if you find it helpful, please consider sharing it with friends and even leaving a 5-star review. 

Here's to making SEO fun, one webpage at a time!

Here's a link to install the SEO wingman extension.

michael miello, owner of Webodew

This post was written by me, Mike, owner of Webodew. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

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