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Webodew is about being "your web guy" that helps you looks good, stand out and and grow your business online.

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Webodew is all about hitting digital goals and providing you with understanding

The web game is our sport. And we want you to win!

woman consultant website owner

"extremely reliable and got to the heart of what my business is all about"

Founder of Podcast and Voice consultant, Cecilia Poullain

lawyer website owner

"he is so helpful, responds to requests very quickly"

Director of Legal Consultancy, Rebecca Normand-Hochman

website owner deborah

"his energy and enthusiasm get you so pumped"

Head of Video Content Agency, Carl Kwan

consultant chiropractor website owner

"ensures you are constantly thinking of ways to improve"

Partner Program Specialist,, Nina Jameson

Design websites with Webflow

webodew has helped 200+ organizations successfully launch their websites.

Since 2012, I've been helping businesses improve their websites with everything from the design, the communication strategy to being found online.

I tend to work with service-based business that touch consulting and education. Eventually I started teaching at schools and have spoken at education conferences about digital strategy, storytelling and web design.

Rank Webflow sites with SEO strategies

I've taught thousands of students online about digital marketing and web design.

Partnering with OpenClassrooms, I created two video courses about SEO (search engine optimization) and another about growth hacking. My classes have been taken by thousands of students as they prepare themselves for jobs in the IT/digital marketing space.

FREE Classes if interested. Links below:

Besides Halloween, this is the only other time that I've worn makeup...sshhhh

Web designer in Paris among entrepreneurs

I lead an entrepreneur group in Paris, France with 100+ members

I lead an entrepreneur group in Paris, France that is dedicated to connecting English-speaking entrepreneurs. We meetup when possible, discuss business areas (admin, legal rules, business ideas) and deep-dive into business topics such as digital marketing. Interested in joining? Send me a message.

In town? Then let's jam and video it!

Who want to be.

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Be positive

Life doesn't always serve what you want. Tough situations are bound to happen, but we have the ability to control our perspective. No matter the obstacle, stay open-hearted and open-minded.

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Be present

Make it a priority to be available for clients, to understand where they are today and find solution to where they want to be.

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Be Accountable

I honor and hold true to my commitments and deadlines set with clients. In the event of something unexpected, I immediately communicate.

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Be hungry

Have the itch inside to push boundaries and discover new things that can help clients and our own pursuits.

first Impressions Matter in business.

The last thing you need is your website giving the wrong impression.

Here's a free guide covering 5 major website areas that influence people's perceptions of your business and how you can make changes today!

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