Website services

Actions we can take together to bring your online appearance clarity, confidence and a winning game plan.

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Website components

Brand story and Positioning (Strategy)

If people can't immediately understand how you can help solve their problem, most likely you're losing customers. People have zero time to waste and so we must deliver a clear and concise message the moment they engage with your brand or your website. Together, we will identify a story that will simplify your offering and be spot on for your intended audience.

Web Design

Once you have your brand story and positioning elements to tell a great story, it's time to design a beautiful website. We'll work together to create an empowering design and proper structure for your website. In doing so, we'll instill confidence in visitors and get more prospects to take actions with you.

Webflow Development

Time to transform your beautiful design into a functioning website. Using Webflow, I develop custom Webflow websites that bring the best out of websites: beautifully adaptable for any device size, interactions, animations, fast loading, secure from attackers, and optimized for search engines.

Need help with a current build or want to flush out an idea from the beginning, we can develop a great platform together.

  • Websites (landing pages, micro and full website builds)
  • Web platforms (develop a platform where customers can interact)
  • Experience with 3rd party integrations (Jetboost, CognitoForms, Memberstack, Zapier, and Airtable)

Sales-funnel and Newsletter Creation

Not everyone visiting your website is ready to buy immediately. But if you can get people on your emailing list by means of offering an info-product or free demo, you have a chance to build a relationship. Together, we can design a meaningful offering and an automated list of emails that provide value to people without creating more workload for you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Be found when someone searches. I can help you develop an easy to follow SEO strategy that works for your business. Together, we'll identify keywords and how you can execute an SEO strategy to be discovered when someone is searching for what you offer.

Website & Storytelling Workshops

Learn from the pros. (joking!) There is so much to learn with building great online brands, which is why I love web design. I provide trainings and workshops around the following topics: Web design, SEO (search engine optimization), Story-telling, Webflow and various tool integrations.

Extras (clients said I should mention these)

  • Accountability partner to stay on track
  • Motivator to be courageous
  • Coach to think strategically
  • Partner to think about the future

first Impressions Matter in business.

The last thing you need is your website giving the wrong impression.

Here's a free guide covering 5 major website areas that influence people's perceptions of your business and how you can make changes today!

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