What I do?

Help businesses be relevant to their audience online.

I’m typically hired to help with:

But clients say I pack a ton of extras:

So why me?

When you hire me, you get a freak: A designer, developer, marketer, and project manager capable of molding ideas into deliverables you want.

Quick wins, smart investments….I get that mindset. I’m a business owner too.

I work hard to call myself a freak because I believe that I have a unique skillset that can help businesses get what they need faster, more cost-effectively and with less crap.

When I’m not on client work, I love to submerge myself in learning new design trends, marketing strategies, and experimenting with creating things for the web.

I'm currently based in Paris, France, (Rueil-Malmaison to be precise) but most of my clients are located elsewhere. My wife's corporate career simply landed us here and I'm following my boo. (husband 2.0!)

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