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A Website For Virtual Graduations

Since 2019, Covid changed our world, and more specifically student graduations. Families could no longer attend, and so graduation had to be brought to them.

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virtual graduation platform web design mockup by Webodew


The International School of Amsterdam is a premiere IB (International Baccalaureate) school in The Netherlands. They host great events but due to Covid they were forced to cancel their on-site student graduation that families attended. They needed a last minute solution for their graduation as they had less than 1 month to prepare.

It was my job to help them:

  • Develop a platform to host a live virtual graduation
  • Give them guidance on implementing some designs they wanted
  • Help streamline a process of collecting materials (videos, pictures, bios) of each student
  • Provide access to materials like school branded graduation materials, pages for students, and photos and recordings of events


My game plan was to build a website and make it easy for the school's staff to load the graduation content. I decided to build the site with Squarespace because they had some experience with it already and it is quite easy for someone to jump in and start adding new content.

I decided to:

  • Build website using their brand guidelines
  • Create a simple user experience for staff to upload content to the website
  • Develop multiple types of pages to house graduation materials that could be used during the celebration and afterward
  • Manage all the IT demands (domain, hosting, software integrations, .etc) so that the school's IT department didn't have to get involved


After a 10-day website sprint, we had a website foundation that was ready for the staff to insert the content.

The virtual graduation was a big success. Families worldwide could cheer on and it felt like a triumph over the Covid lockdowns.

  • Already 2 successful graduations and counting!
  • Families really enjoyed celebrating this special moment
  • The virtual graduation website has now become a new addition to paper yearbooks. More discussion will be built on this topic
  • The communications team found it very easy to update the site

Erika Harriford-McLaren, Communication Manager at International School of Amsterdam
"Mike is a superhero."

We hired Webodew because I wanted Mike to guide our communication team to developing the website materials and know that he has a strong work ethic.

Screenshots from project

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