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At some point, traditional systems will be challenged with new ideas. This project is about teach with fun at the core.

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The Direction Project was born from the research lab of the International School of Paris. The aim - to help students conduct better, more holistic research.

School leaders noticed that students conducted research in a very siloed, single-focused methodology. And so they wanted to create an online guide that students could access to learn about various ways of conducting research. The problem. however, was coming up with something "cool enough" for students that they would actually use.

It was my job to help them:

  • Lead design workshops with kids and faculty to understand how to develop a fun, yet educational, website
  • Come up a brand identity and overall fun aesthetic
  • Design and develop their site with Webflow
  • Train the research team on adding tools


This platform is for kids, and so my number 1 priority was to have a pizza party design sprint. Eating pizza with kids, I held an informal design sprint workshop with the lab director. This provided fun ideas that would be worked into the website.

I decided to:

  • Make the website NOT feel like a school website
  • Make the design super simple to spot important sections of research
  • Integrate forms into the site that when completed, would provide data to teachers on area students don't consider when researching
  • Develop pages that would be used to highlight important achievements and student projects


After a delicious design sprint over pizza and trial and errors, the website was presented to the school's board and adored. This website receives many compliments among educators because it feels like "making education fun", which is something that most teachers would advocate.

  • Kids now have a reference for conducting great research
  • Website was delivered on timely to be presented at the school's annual board meeting
  • The board loved the project and decided to provide more funding to help expand it

Stephine Corso, Communications team at International School of Paris
"Nailed it! Every time I show a student the site they say "wow, is that really ISP's site, it's so cool"

Screenshots from project

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