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One person can completely change the course of another. Cecilia is one of those change-makers who is empowering women through voice.

Cecilia has interviewed women from around the world and is empowering through voice

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Having built a previous website for Cecilia Poullain, she has morphed from a voice coach for women to a large event speaker and podcaster. It's lovely to see her transition, and as such occurs, her website was not accurately describing what she does at the current moment. She asked if I could redesign her website to describe what she does today and also to house her podcast on empowering women.

This project was about putting 2 unique businesses parts into one cohesive website. And so I helped her to:

  • Redesign logo
  • Rebrand her website to take the feeling of Brave New Women initiative
  • Develop the website using Webflow that would allow for podcast to be easily integrated
  • Implement SEO strategies that provide a solid foundation for her website
  • Provide trainings on how to add new podcast to her website


Anything touching "empowerment of a group" is a big claim. And so I wanted to create a website that would give a community feel around her target audience.

I felt that by showing many different types of women around age and ethnicity, it would help to show her impact and the inclusiveness of her project

Their website consisted of:

  • Develop a Webflow website that had landing pages for each podcast.
  • Embed her podcast into the website so viewer can listen directly from the website
  • Website training for Cecilia so she could easy add new website content


She immediately fell in love with website and not much more to add.

Cecilia Poullain, Founder of Brave New Women
You're in good hands

Mike is extremely reliable and easy to work with. He is accessible for questions and has some great ideas.

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