Improving Design Relationships with Sendspark Videos

By Mike Miello

Who loves reading long emails?

Better yet, who loves writing them?


And I'll do anything to avoid writing..... another..... 🤢.

I put example below! So keep scrolling!

Luckily that's where Sendspark comes into action for me and my remote-based web design business. Sendspark is a simple video recording software that enables you to record your screen and webcam and easily share.

Sendspark logo

I thought I would share how I use Sendspark for my remote-based business. 

This tool can be helpful to any remote-based entrepreneur that wants to find ways to spend less time emailing and more time on running their business.

Instead of writing long, time-sucking emails, I just record personalized videos that I send to clients.

Videos make it easier to express ideas, point out issues, and offer feedback on things we're all looking at, like a website.

What would take me 30 minutes to write just takes me 3 minutes to record a video.

Huge time saver! Let me share how.

How I use Sendspark in my remote-based web design services

What's the number one key ingredient to making projects stand out in the eyes of a client.

I strongly believe that it's about having strong communication.

The more in-sync I can be with a client, the more assured that client is that we're on top of our game and meeting goals and deadlines.

Strong communication leads to many positive effects: 

  • save time from non-essential blah blah
  • faster project delivery
  • remove any uncertainty or questions that a client may have
  • develop a deeper, stronger client relationship

And this is where Sendspark personalized videos have been a huge win for me. 

I'm able to present complex ideas fast with screensharing and recording my face. 

A facial expression with a quick screen record can easily replace paragraphs of attempts to explain in text.

If a picture if worth a thousand words, then a personal video is worth a billion in minutes. I'm lying but hopefully you get the point I'm making.

Prevent an extra virtual meeting, and for goodness sakes, prevent another long email. 🤢

Scenarios I use Sendspark for remote web design business

So how do I use Sendspark personal video in my business?

I thought I would simply list various ways that I use it to offer some brainstorms for you.

My use cases touch:

  • Client acquisition
  • Greeting videos
  • Project management and project updates
  • Business services
  • Education
  • Personal relationships building

Breaking the ice with personal greeting videos

Breaking the ice with people over the Internet is hard. But, it's essential to create new business while being remote. 

When I get website project requests via my website or establish new connections on LinkedIn, I try to send personal greeting videos to say hi. 

It's different. Hopefully, it's memorable. I find videos stick out because hardly anyone else using them, at least no one does it to me.😀

Personalized videos give a chance for a potential client to hear my voice, get a feel of my working environment, and hopefully, be intrigued that I crafted something just for him or her.

Embed promo videos on my website to introduce my company, Webodew

I enjoy making videos and believe that they help to stand out. 

And so on my website, I have a promo video of me that is a simple Sendspark embed. You can upload your videos into Sendspark and use it as a video hosting solution. I love this because the playback is super fast on my website and unlike YouTube, I don't have to worry about advertisements.

I use this promo video on my home page.

Website audits with video

Websites audits offer a sort of "current state of your website" and help and identify ways to improve your website.

As improving websites is a major chunk of my web design work, I use video to review existing websites and point out areas to improve while offering new ideas.

Lots of useful feedback and expressing complex ideas can be simplified through short videos, and honestly, I couldn't imagine trying to offer this type of information with emails. 🤢

Personalized demo videos and tutorials

I create demo videos to show clients how to accomplish tasks such as creating a new blog post.  

When I hand over websites to clients, a little education needs to be transferred to clients on how to do things such as posting a new blog. With Sendspark, I can quickly make a tutorial video using a client's new website to show them precisely what they need to do.

Educational videos

Explainer videos about concepts such as how to improve their Webflow SEO - As SEO (search engine optimization) is one of my web services, I can go through a website and highlight areas that can be improved. 

It's powerful when your clients can see your mouse and what you're pointing at.

Additionally, I can easily demonstrate how competitors are doing things with their website and marketing efforts to help develop a unique strategy   to improve performance.

Thank you videos  

Thank you video messages to wish a happy birthday or just to say thanks is something I love.

My work, my clients are such a big part of life and I just think it's nice to send out personal greetings when possible. 

Who doesn't enjoy a personal greeting that feels like some extra effort was given? 

As I'm currently a small business, doing little extras like this is my "David" advantage to beat the Goliaths of the world!

I send all these sorts of videos that convey big ideas quickly and sometimes just for laughs.

A simple 1-minute video can really put you on a different level in the eyes of your clients.

You're showing, not describing  with Sendspark

With Sendspark, you're not describing with words. You're showing with visuals and your face. 

It's a great tool and easy to set up.

It might sound cheesy, but videos work! 

Something about a personalized video feels genuine and more personal than emails. And from my experience, I feel like it reduces the number of questions and back-n-forth I have with clients.

I hope that this blog has given you a better idea of what Sendspark is and how it can help your business. I love hearing from readers and so do reach out if you have any questions.

Good communication is about expressing ideas quickly and concisely.

Turn the long emails drain 🤢 into some personal video fun 😀

Thanks, Sendspark, for creating such a cool tool! 

May you keep developing further as I'll be using it more and more!

Thanks for reading and hope this sparked your next idea!

michael miello, owner of Webodew

This post was written by me, Mike, owner of Webodew. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

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