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Build an app under 1 minute.

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You don’t have to be a coder to make the next Facebook billion

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In honor of Computer Science Education Week (Dec 9-15, 2019), I wanted to demonstrate how you can build a simple app under 1 minute using a Google Sheet as your database and Glide as your app builder.

This was part of my presentation at the International School of Amsterdam on new communication techniques.

Nowadays, you can use familiar tools and easy to learn tools to build what you can imagine.

In this example, my aim is to show how you could make a simple lunch menu app.

Helps students, parents, and staff stay informed on what goes into their bodies.  As a parent, I wish my child’s daycare had such a thing. Now I’m on a mission to share this.

We can all create. Now we have more options

1. Technology is becoming more inclusive. (Not just for boys)

2. Barriers to building are being removed.

3. You don’t even have to write one line of code to build an app.

With barriers removed, we create a pathway for ideas to germinate and become a reality.

-My interpretation of Vlad Magdalin's Keynote from the first No Code Conference 2019 (CEO of Webflow - build websites like this one without coding)

This is just one example...but!

Sky is limitless. grab your 🚀 and launch today!!!

Big cheers to everyone involved in Computer Science Education Week. I had to teach myself how to use computers, but the mindset and tools that you learn along the way are great tools for life.

Please infect our youth with these great discoveries!

Data creativity will help accelerate good ideas forward and remove blinded assumptions.

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