Build an app under 1 minute without code.

In honor of Computer Science Education Week (Dec 9-15, 2019), I wanted to demonstrate how you can build a simple app under 1 minute using familiar tools such as Google Sheets.

This was part of my presentation at the International School of Amsterdam on new communication technologies communication directors from across the globe.

Rapid app building can solve existing problems.

In this demonstration, my aim was to show how you could make a simple lunch menu app for schools to solves a common problem among parents, including myself.

As a parent, I simply want to know what my child is eating. The daycare provides a hand-written menu at the door entrance, but I often forget to look. Probably because I'm excited to pick up my kid. And so having such an app with help me be more aware of the school.

And imagine that I'm only talking about food. What about important school events, important contact information, .etc? Simple apps would solve a lot of communication holes and unnecessary work for staff.

Everyone can become
an app developer

  1. Technology is becoming more inclusive. (Not just for boys or the "so-called" coders)
  2. Barriers to building are being removed.
  3. You don’t even have to write one line of code to build an app.
"With barriers removed, we create a pathway for ideas to germinate and become a reality."

- My interpretation of Vlad Magdalin's (Founder of WebFlow) Keynote from the first No Code Conference 2019.

🚀 Launch your
app idea today!!!

Over the years, I've to teach myself how to build websites and apps using code. This just isn't necessary as much nowadays with the new tools coming out. And more no-code apps are on the right.

There is no better time than now to build an app. To learn but also to be inspired to take ideas from you head and into action.

Please infect our youth with these great discoveries!

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