Why Pick Us?

Because we have big dogs and not afraid to use them!
Because we believe that fun teams result in great projects!

Seriously Why Webodew?

Our sleeves are rolled up….so here goes.

Unlike a lot of folks, we get excited to stand behind people that are want to bring awesome products and services to their communities. And owning our small business along with helping several other small businesses owners, we’ve developed a web process to launch projects effectively and timely at a price that fits a small business owner’s budget.

Good web design isn’t about making something look pretty. Good web design is about taking your business objectives and determining how YOUR WEB can best support you to reach them.

mean dog

We are vicious!

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Fun Designs Made for You

No one remembers a dull website nor a dull person. We work with you to energize your online presence. From colors to visual elements to messaging, we’ll produce an image that reflects your company in a fun and inviting way….because good energy attract more people!

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Mr. Timeline Manager Saves You

It’s no surprise that you have a billion things to do. Beyond designing, we pride ourselves on leading the project. Together, we set timeframes upfront and we are proactive to make sure we deliver timely. Efficiency is great for you and great for us!

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The Good Fellas Support

The web can feel like your adventuring into the abyss. Code, databases, image optimization, SEO structures….holy crap again! While this is weird to some, this is sexy territory to us! We don’t let our clients hang dry. We want to be your web arm that you can count on to make sure your website works as you’d expect it to.

Our Process Goes Like…

  1. Planning + Strategy
    During our initial meeting, we talk through your current online goals. We also work out your business objectives and the site details, including how it should look and feel, and what you want your audience to experience on your website.
  2. Global Elements + Sitemap
    Together, we plan out the site structure and decide what goes where in a prioritized way.
  3. Content Writing
    You write or finalize the content, or work with a content professional (preferred). The more clarity you have in your content, based on the sitemap and site structure, the better the design will be.
  4. Design
    We take all the content and information and design the key pages. We present them to you and together, we see how well they meet the site goals. We revise as needed.
  5. Programming
    We program the finished designs into a custom WordPress theme. Once it’s finished, we both test it for bugs or errors.
  6. Launch
    We both review the site again and make sure everything works. Then we launch!


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