Web is our game

You can win!

In business, you compete. And the web is where you can set yourself apart from your competition. That’s done through proper design and web actions that bring you more clients.

We want to be teammates….your web team.

About Webodew

Before geeking out on the web, I (Mike) was a baseball player. I spent most of my time on the field. Coming together, practicing your craft, encouraging each other to get better, relying on each other to win.

This is why I love sports.

Over the years, I’ve realized that business is like a sport in 3 important ways:

  1. You compete to win against the competition
  2. Some people want to win more than others
  3. No one wins alone

Even in individual sports, successful athletes are supported by the best teammates. (friends, families, peers.)

Today, we bring this competitive, winning spirit into our projects. We are “digital techies” on a journey to create a powerful web arm that will help Bring Your Energy To The Web.

What Does Bring Web Energy mean?

In business, everyone has their list of goals. But there’s one thing that all entrepreneurs have in common. Bring in more profit than expenses.

Bring Web Energy focuses on You and Your Audience.

For You: It’s about being there as your web experts, your web arm. We help to improve your web efforts, handle the “Matrix coding weirdness” of the internet, and develop web applications that grow more profit for your business.

For Your Audience: It’s about bringing the right energy to your audience. To do things in such a way that more of your target audience will want to do business with you.


The one thing we can control is our attitude. We take pride to stay on top of the latest web trends, to help our clients find new ways to succeed and to be resourceful about web topics.

If you have any question about your web, please hit us up. We “dew” web….and we loving dewing it!


…With the right team

The web can be a fun adventure

Mike Miello

Strategy Lead, Marketing

Vitor Spencer

Technology Lead

The Web Can Be Fun

Our mission is to build web products that will advance our communities – to help those that inspire reach more and more people, to help the admirable businesses achieve greater success, to help our friends and families by providing better technology.

Web Design

We tackle your needs to provide a website that’s simplifies complex situations and businesses your business forward

Mobile Apps

Mobile phones are extensions of our body and this provides a great opportunity to deliver exceptional value to your clients. We build mobile apps that can leverage your existing effort or simply kick off a new adventure

Continued Support

Building a platform is only the beginning. Once established, we work with our clients as their technical arm to provide continued support and innovation

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