A Drone Weather App Made For Us!

Introducing the world’s first weather app made for drone pilots by drone pilots. Made so that drone pilots, drone photographers and videographers can quickly identify flying conditions and best shooting times with a push of a button.

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Key Features of Our Drone Weather App

What drone pilots care about

Wind Strength

Prepare for the winds. Define your unique max wind conditions and instantly see when it’s safe for you to fly.

Cloud Coverage

Clouds. We love’em and we hate’em when producing aerial videos. Use our cloud coverage forecast to plan around those cotton balls in the sky.

Color Coded Help

Identify good flying conditions using simple color codes. Green means good. Yellow means be cautious!

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Sunrise & Sunset

Know the precise minute of when you need to be at your spot to grab the sun at its finest.

Save Multiple Locations

Plan drone runs with several location shoots. Store your favorites to access weather forecasts quickly so you can keep your eyes on the road!

7-day Forecast

Get a feel of what the weather will be like over the week to help plan your next runs and get friends excited!

Finally a weather app for droners that offers valuable information in one click.
Mike Miello
Drone cameraman, Product Man
We want to build this app with the help of our fellow drone community
Droner and Coder

We wanted a simple, practical weather app from droning

Mark Zuckerberg's too busy. And so we decided to build one

Flying drones for our team FlyingMikes, we've experienced weather being a deal breaker for shoots. When we first started, we thought that if no rain was in the forecast, then we were good to go. But we sure were wrong!

We ran into weather conditions that didn’t allow safe flying and our ability to capture beautiful videos.

1) Traveling to a location and realizing that we couldn’t fly because the winds were too strong to fly. 2) Cloud coverage being too much for the video scene we had in mind.

Using existing weather apps, we could get a sense of the weather conditions we needed, but it was tedious. We just wanted something quick. And so we started thinking why not just create our own weather app that focus on drone pilots as the core user.

And our intent is to continue building this app with the help of fellow droners.


We want to send a special thanks to Forecast.io for offering their weather API. They provide the weather data that we then translate into web app.

It’s free until we become famous. So please, let’s get famous and pay people our dues :)

Playing with our Drone

Hopefully our drone app will help us make more

First time flying. The moment I fell in love

First time we used our drone for someone else. Such a funky time at 5am on a Wednesday before work!

First time we won a video competition

First time taking our drone baby on vacation

Our Team

Doing what we can in the drone world
Team Member

Mike Miello

Web Dude

I hate poo poo weather. I love burgers.

Team Member

Vitor Spencer

Hardcore Father & Coder

Give me a coconut pina colada and some wifi, and I'm in heaven.

Team Member

Vicky Hampton

Cameralady & Foodster

I like my drones with a pinch of salt and no crash.

Team Member

Mike Condon

Godfather of Drone Flying

I wrote the drone manual. I live by the drone manual.

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