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A simple menu can be your website’s competitive advantage over monsters

By March 3, 2017Websites
simple website menu

Simple is usually better.

Ever been to “that” Chinese restaurant that has hundreds of menu options with no pictures? It’s like Russian Roulette. Pray you don’t pick the chicken feet unless you’re into that!

Luckily my wife is Chinese. She knows what my belly needs 🙂

Options can be a great thing. But too many options can be confusing! Intimidating! Scary!

Attention: Too many menu options may cause sudden anxiety, rashes, blank faces, confused decision makers and a desire to get the hell away.

Your web visitors don’t have someone to help navigate your site. And if they don’t find what they need fast, they will run. And they probably will never come back.

Simple menu is your advantage

confusing menus

I dare you to try something you never ordered before!

Unless you’re a big e-commerce shop or corporation, let simplicity be your friend. Use it to your advantage over the big monster companies.

Remove unneeded menu options. Less frees up space and brain energy. Also, it makes it easier for your visitors locate the information they need to take action with you.

In contrast to the Chinese example, think about the fancy restaurant that only has three menu options. With so few options, you will decide what to eat faster.

But as a customer, I also find that fewer options say something about the company itself.

The restaurant, in this case, shows confidence in that they only need three menu items to satisfy their customers and my belly.

Sometimes when you show less, it gives a feeling of expertise.

Mike Miello

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