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Fun things must end to open up more fun opportunities.

Thank you to all our listeners that supported our project. We’ve decided to stop podcasting for now so we develop a service we’ve always wanted. If you like our style and online video is an area you’d like to explore, please get in touch!

As a souvenir to our year long journey, we’ve leaving our last podcast here.

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What BrandBallers is all about

Branding is a fancy word to explain what people think about someone or something. Your reputation, your products and services.  When you hear Apple or Nike, what do you instantly think of? Those thoughts relate to how a company “branded” itself.

Small business owners sometimes talk about branding, but practicing branding is another story. What actions are you taking to be known as a great communicator or a business that values customer relations over competitors?

In our podcast, we (Carl and Mike) share our own stories about branding our businesses. To us, branding is not only about picking colors, images and messaging for our businesses.  Instead, branding encompasses all the interactions with customers that eventually lead to what they will tell others about you.   

Us, Carl Kwan and Mike Miello became friends on Youtube….yep, that’s right. We have never met in person and we never encouraged each other to shave our heads. But for years, we’ve been helping each other with our own businesses. And we wanted to share with you.

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mike on video

Mike teaches about web

carl on video

Carl teaches marketing and presentation

Full podcast episode list

Episode 45 – The Last BrandBallers Episode

Episode 44 – Unexpected-ness conclusions

Episode 43 – Start on Youtube – Carl’s Unexpected journey to YouTubing

Episode 42 – Code Presentation To Kids – Unexpected Win

Episode 41 – Unexpected ways to build a brand. Breaking rules

Episode 40 – Mike’s first draft video script. Behind the scences

Episode 39 – Video as a sales tool (The tipping point)

Episode 38 – Carl’s Youtube 20k subscribers: how and what he does

Episode 37 – How to structure a video

Episode 36 – Making video with your phone

Episode 35 – Using video to grow your business online

Episode 34 – Website series recap episode – How your website affects your brand

Episode 33 – Maintain a fresh website so your visitors have a good experience

Episode 32 – How good user experience affects branding and what people think about you

Episode 31 – Setting up your website like a restaurant

Episode 30 – Marketing who to target and how this affects web design

Episode 29 – What is a website and how it affects you brand

Episode 28 – Measure Blog Effort: Are you doing good or bad

Episode 27 – Finding a managable process to promote your blog

Episode 26 – Finding a blog process that speeds up workflow

Episode 25 – Finding a tone of voice to blog with your style

Episode 24 – Finding a content form for blogging that’s good for your audience

Episode 23 – Planning Your Blog – Action steps to make it easier to produce a consistent blog

Episode 22 – Blogging for business – the good, the bad and what should you strive for

Episode 21 – Recap Of Our First 20 Episodes

Episode 20 – What Makes Good Testimonials

Episode 19 – How to Create A Product Offering

Episode 18 – What Makes A Good Website

Episode 17 – The SEO vs Content Creation

Episode 16 – Rebranding. A Personal Journey

Episode 15 – Marketing a Promo Video

Episode 14 – Techniques For Producing Videos

Episode 13 – Storyboarding a Video

Episode 12 – Initial Research for Marketing a Product

Episode 11 – Which social media platforms should my business be on?

Episode 10 – About Page of Your Website is a BIG Deal

Episode 9 – How Explainer Videos Make Complex Businesses Simple

Episode 8 – Is marketing different for a service based business vs a product based business?

Episode 7 – How Often Should I Update My Website Design

Episode 6 – Is Teaching New The Marketing

Episode 5 – Do I need a tagline for my business?

Episode 4 – What Equipment Do I Need to Make Videos

Episode 3 – 5 Quick Website Tweaks You Can Do

Episode 2 – Using Your Personal or Business Name

Episode 1 – Welcome Intro of the Brand Ballers Podcast