Pause Video Like a Boss

Paws Pause – Pause your iPhone video and make movies fast!

paws pause be cool

Pause the boring.
Play the fun!

The simplest way to pause your iPhone video. Super simple and fun to create video stories. Just hold the screen to record and let go to pause. All videos are then glued together for an instant movie! (up to 1 minute long!)

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Paws What Ya Momma Gave Ya!

Your friends. Your house. Your crazy science experiments. Your selfie. Your party!

Users don’t like Paws Pause…They freaking LOVE it!

“ Dude, that’s my dog’s paw!!!
“ I pause before I breakout!!!
“ I had the BEST PAUSE ever!!!

We built Paws Pause to allow you to pause your video rather than just stopping it completely. The advantage to this is that you can capture multiple videos and have them instantly stitched together into one video.

“ The mobile vlogging has begun!! Let’s keep it fun and easy”

Huge time saver! Huge fun factor too 🙂

Paws Pause Features

  • Recording video (or course) – You, just your animal buddies, have paws. Touch the video screen with your paw and you’re recording.
  • Delete last clips – don’t like your recordings, get rid of them without having to starch from scratch
  • Project library – work on several projects and continue to add to them whenever you want

Creating an app that the whole family can use together!

We believe that fun video apps make you smile, feel young and want to interact with others. We hope Paws Pause inspires you to create fun stories. Stories that you’ll share with your friends and families or even just entertain yourself.

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