People ask us…

“Guys, WTFun you up too?”

Derek Sivers (an awesome guy) came up with a great solution. Talk about what we’re doing now.

(Mike) Things I’m currently doing:

(Updated: 31st May 17)

  • Connecting with awesome people
  • Taking late night French courses …oh la la help
  • Installing either new landing pages or baby gear. First little one on the way!
  • Wrapping up a course on User Experience Design
  • Acting as entrepreneur lead of Message Paris (English-speaking community in France)
  • Becoming obsessed with my to-do list to Get Sh#T Done!
  • Writing about our journey to building a fun company
  • Sharing our journey and thoughts on web on our YouTube channel

(Vitor) Things I’m currently doing:

(Updated: 15th June 17)

  • WordPress and Laravel: two power-guns for different types of projects.
  • Catching up on computer science fundamentals: its always good to re-read and refresh my mind.
  • Business and Market analysis are foreign concepts, but necessary to conquer your goals. We are aiming… and getting ready to shoot 🙂
  • Working while having two girls sick at home is challenging. But then again, the privilege of working from home was never an easy ride
  • Weekends are the toughest to keep your weight in check. But overall, my week-by-week trend continues decreasing at a nice pace 🙂