People ask us…

“Guys, WTFun you up too?”

Derek Sivers (an awesome guy) came up with a great solution. Talk about what we’re doing now.

(Mike) Things I’m currently doing:

(Updated: 31st July 17)

  • Designing and developing an internal social network for one of the largest companies in The Netherlands.
  • Spreading our initiative to help companies create great videos with VideoVictory.
  • Learning to cook more creative foods so the wife will be entertained.
  • Trying to figure out how to get baby into a creche in Paris.
  • Preparing 2nd entrepreneur meet-up within the Message Paris.
  • Writing about our journey to building a fun company.

(Vitor) Things I’m currently doing:

(Updated: 20th July 17)

  • Summer season means working-from-Croatian-coast season! Yay!
  • Also means Client work slowdown season. Focus back on Webodew projects
  • Happy Plant new version is shaping up, we hope to release it soon!
  • We’re working on some cool internal ideas (web-based)
  • My weight-loss is shaping up good! How good? I’m fitting in clothes I haven’t touched in many months.
  • Meditation seemed silly at first, but after a few weeks I’m starting to see the benefits, clearer thoughts and better vibes.