What We’re Looking For

Everything you’ve been told matters most in a job application doesn’t matter to us. We’re a group of friends and partners working entirely digital. Location independence, never be fake, prove your skills rather than University degrees, do good for your community. That’s what matters to us.

What we care about: Your passion for using your skills to help others and our world. Your desire to learn things quickly, by yourself, because you want it. Your ability to adapt and take constructive criticism. Your humility toward others. Your experience regarding the job we ask.

What We Are Offering

At Webodew, we have various projects running. Some standard web projects, some of which our clients are trying to disrupt an industry. Matching algorithms. Community building. Mobile apps. Teaching others. You’ll taste a version of web agency that we feel is unique, more personal and fun for everyone.

You’ll be joining a close group of friends on a mission to become the tech arm for non-tech leaders. We work hard because we know shortcuts in life are only short-lived. Because of our work ethic and similar passions, we have a respect and loyalty close to family. Anyone that becomes a member in any capacity shall and will feel this. We want to earn your loyalty. We care for our kind.

Our history as a group dates back from 2014, but we are moving strongly. Prior, we worked in startups and large companies as marketers, designers, and developers.

What We Pay

The awkward part, right? Bottom line: We take care of our own. We know you need to eat and have fun.

We’re upfront with figures. And for us, what’s important is that we feel that there’s a good match.

If you see an opportunity with us, shoot us a message. We don’t need to see a CV, although a portfolio of previous work is helpful in conversations. We need to feel your fire burning to join our mission and that you can do the job.

Web Developer Part-time: Website edits/upgrades

Desired Tech Knowledge:

  • Web skills HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, PHP
  • Version control: GitHub/Bitbucket
  • Frameworks: Bootstrap, Laravel

Our tech lead will ask some questions to get a feel for how comfortable you are with technologies we use and your experience.


We are looking for a part-time web developer that can help support some ongoing projects. Our client has big ambitions, and we need help so that we can grow new functionalities and support our creations. If we can assist the project to succeed, more work will be in the pipeline. You will be assigned to a project trying to disrupt the recruitment field. Think Tinder meets LinkedIn…although we hate boxing ourselves like this because we want to do something unique.

We value solid work. We hope you are the same. You are a perfectionist and pride your work as a representation of us, and you.

Let’s “dew” big things!
Apply today.

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