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Introduce your expertise with your logo

By March 1, 2017Websites
a telling logo

A logo can say a lot about your brand. But they also have strategic importance on your website.

For new visitors, your logo is first things they see after your site loads. And they are already making judgments to answer their internal questions.

Internal judgments we make when visiting new websites

  • “hmm…look at that logo, am I in the right spot?”
  • “Is this the page/website that I’m looking for?”
  • “Oh…cool logo…this looks like a cool company?”

This doesn’t mean that you should hire a logo designer if you haven’t.

Instead, think of attributes that may help what type of logo you currently have.

Your company name might be telling already

Our company’s name is Webodew. Part of my reasoning for coming up with this name is that I wanted it clear that I provide services for the web. And typically when people see my company name, they can guess I do web-stuff.

What if my name is unrelated to my offering?

If you’re using your name or a company name that doesn’t immediately communicate your area of expertise, add a tagline or related keywords within your logo. They quickly tell visitors your area of competence.

Logo Examples

five guys logo

Five Guys – Keywords make me hungry

isa logo

ahh. It’s not related to NASA. It’s a school.

video victory logo

Must have something to do with video

starbucks logo

I know them and this old logo made it clear what they focus on

Quick relevance

People are making quick decisions about your website. If your logo looks relevant to products or services they need, you increase your chances of them staying on your site.

Thanks for reading!

Mike Miello

Author Mike Miello

I'm Mike and welcome to our blog. Our mission is to help educators do more online through smart web and mobile actions. Win on Web is what we "dew"!

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