Keep your plants happy!

iPhone app to remember to water plants

Happy Plant reminds you to water your green buddies so they can keep living healthy. Everyone forgets to water their plants…we’re all guilty. But with a simple notification, you can remind yourself and keep your green buddies for a long time.

Get your pals drunk on water!

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New version 2.0 !

The Happy Plant Users have been heard! Thanks to everyone that gave us suggestions on how to improve Happy Plant. We heard you, and with version 2.0, we’ve started to integrate the most requested features:

  • Name Your Baby – name me cool!
  • Increased water intervals to 100! After all, cactus doesn’t need watering every week.
  • Water streaks green! We turned watering into a little personal game.
  • New design and foundation! New look with more flexibility, but keeping it simple.

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Happy Plant was born in 5 days!!

We created Happy Plant in 5 days! It was a personal challenge, but we also wanted to show pieces of the development process to show what it takes to build an app.

What does this mean??

Once you try the app, you’ll probably have some suggestions on what we should do to improve it.  There’s only so much that can be done in a short time.

But we want to improve the app.  And we want your help!  Send us a message with your ideas or feedback and we’ll put them in the queue.

Save Your Green Buddies

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