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Step away from the computer and move
May 24, 2017

Step Away from the Computer – Brain Space

Shake what your mama gave you for a few mins It's healthy! Get away from the computer a bit and shake what your mama gave you. It'll give your brain…
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reduce image sizes for web
VideoWeb Design Tips
May 19, 2017

Tools We Use to Reduce Image Sizes (video)

Having a nice looking website is one thing. But if it loads slowly and people become annoyed having to wait, then it doesn't matter how great your website looks. Byebye…
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hot headlines
Web Design TipsWebsites
March 23, 2017

Hot Headlines

Headline up! Your most powerful website weapon. Hot, Juicy, Steamy...FROSTING! (Did you read this?) That's a headline. A misleading headline for sure, but chances are that you will read it. And…
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Short sentences on your website
March 20, 2017

Short sentences on your website

Bathroom breaks are fast. Maybe making your point should be too. People consume information fast. Especially new visitors to your website. Blame the Internet! Or maybe thank it? Too many…
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Font used in web design
March 7, 2017

Web Design With Two Fonts

Are two fonts too much for a website? Too little? Here's what I've learned while making websites and messing with different font combinations for several years. Web Design With Two…
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simple website menu
March 3, 2017

A simple menu can be your website’s competitive advantage over monsters

Simple is usually better. Ever been to "that" Chinese restaurant that has hundreds of menu options with no pictures? It's like Russian Roulette. Pray you don't pick the chicken feet…
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a telling logo
March 1, 2017

Introduce your expertise with your logo

A logo can say a lot about your brand. But they also have strategic importance on your website. For new visitors, your logo is first things they see after your…
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abc communication design webodew
February 2, 2017

ABC Communication Design for the Web

A communication framework for web platforms in our busy world. Our way of communication (expressions, styles, character) determines what people think of us, both offline and online. Meeting you on…
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December 19, 2016

Computer Nerds Get It 🤓⚡️

Computer nerd. Who me? Never…Learn to code? I started coding during my politics class. Yep.I was soo bored. The teacher would recite his book during 3 hours lectures. And we’re…
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